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About A&P Projects

Attracting people, In "adventure", in "game", or in an "attraction"

Over the years A&P Projects has developed their own range of specific construction forms.
Experiencing adventure, sports and games, attractions …
..., passively or actively.
This attracts people, ...
..., in “Adventure”, in “Game”, or in an “Attraction”, ...
..., both young and old find that adrenaline rush to experience and push small or large boundaries



Guaranteeing quality

A&P projects only builds high-quality products, for which a long and sustainable lifespan can be guaranteed.

For us, a customer's investment must generate a profit, even after depreciation.


More than A&P Projects

A&P Projects is also founder of the A&P Equipment group. Adventure & Park Equipment is top quality equipment, represented in prefab. packages to be built by any manufacturer, owner of an adventure park, leisure park or sports park.

The group around A&P Equipment is represented worldwide by the best leading companies, specialized in the adventure park and amusement park industry.


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Download some inspiration to create an Adventure Park - by A&P Projects

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